Borrowing entitlements

Members are entitled to an initial allowance of 15 volumes on loan at any time. For an additional fee these allowances can be increased to a maximum of 40 volumes. About 96% of the Library’s collections is found on open-access book stacks, freely browsable by members. The remaining 4% comprises rare, fragile or vulnerable material, known as the Special Collections, which may be viewed on request. Almost all books may be borrowed, including a proportion of the books in the Special Collections, subject to a written guarantee from the member. Material may be requested in advance and is retrieved and ready for use on arrival. Books from closed access areas are set up for consultation by trained staff who will explain any special arrangements for the material.

Loan periods

Most books may be kept for at least one month, and longer if they are not requested by another member. There are no fines, but we do request that books are renewed every two months and returned to the Library for renewal once every twelve months. You will only be asked to return a book when it has been requested by another member. If books are not returned or renewed on request, you will be liable for the cost of replacing them. New books may be borrowed initially for 14 days. After this, if not wanted by another member, they can be renewed for a further period.

Viewing and renewing current loans

Members can use the sign in link link to view and renew their loans. 

You will need your 5-digit membership number and the email address you registered with the Library the first time you sign-up in order to verify your account and create a unique password. You will then need this password and your email address to sign-in on subsequent occasions.  Please follow the instructions here to sign-up for the first time. 

Postal loans

Books and periodicals can be posted to members residing in the UK and Europe. Other than the cost of the postage there is no additional charge for this service. A postal account is required and this is debited with the outward postage charges as books are requested. Members remain responsible for books from the time they are dispatched to the time of their return.

Inter-library loans

The Library participates in the inter-library loans scheme, requesting books, articles and theses from other national and international libraries. If we do not hold material that you require we may be able to borrow it on your behalf.