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The London Library is a registered charity and from its inception, philanthropy has played a central role in helping to keep its doors openPlease consider making a donation today and help us to continue inspiring generations of writers, readers and thinkers. 

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Today there are a variety of different ways in which your support, whatever its size, can make a real and important difference.

General Donations

If you wish to donate to the core function of the Library you can choose to donate to general funds, which means we can direct your support wherever it is needed mostDonations like theswill help ensure the continuous running of the building, and the operation of the Library. Donate here. 

The most important contribution towards the core function of the Library comes from the members of our patrons programme; The Founders’ Circle. Learn more about this programme here.

Our Collection

Each year the Library acquires around 6000 new books to add to the collection and the Library's Conservation Team work to keep our existing books in a useable condition

By supporting us with a donation towards book acquisitions, you can help us improve our collection for current and future generations and ensure that everyone is able to find the books they need to use.

You can also support with a donation towards book conservation. Over the years our books see a lot of wear and tear from usage and there are books in our safes that have become too delicate to handle. A donation towards the care of our collection will allow our Conservation Team to repair damaged books and send rare books away for specialist care, so they can, where possible, be put back into circulation.

Emerging Writers Programme

The Library's Emerging Writers' Programme is geared towards supporting writers at the start of their careers by giving them one year's free membership of the Library and programme of writing masterclasses, networking opportunities and peer support. Find out more about the Emerging Writers Programme here.

The Emerging Writers Programme is entirely funded by donations and sponsorship, please support this programme and help an unpublished writer gain access to the Library and the caree changing resources.

Supported Membership

In order to make sure the Library is accessible to as many people as possible, the Library offers an assisted membership to those unable to meet the full annual fee. Those who are eligible will normally have membership fees reduced by 30%, or in exceptional cases 60%. 

By donating to Supported Memberships, those who may not be able to afford to use the Library's services are provided with the opportunity to join and have access to all the amazing resources of the Library.

Library Fund

The Library Fund is an annual campaign focused on improving the Library in ways that directly impact its users. Every year, supporters of the Fund make possible one special project to enhance how members and the wider Library community enjoy its buildings or make use of its collections. In 2019 we raised money for the replacement of the windows in the St James's Stacks and in 2020 we are fundraising for the refurbishment of the toilets on the red staircase, find more information about the current project here.

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