Membership of The London Library includes 24/7 access to Catalyst, our online catalogue, and to electronic resources both inside and outside the Library via our website. In order to access the full range of electronic resources and catalogue features for example eJournals and eBooks, you will first need to sign-up to the single sign-on service. You will need your 5-digit membership number and the email address you registered with the Library the first time you sign-up in order to verify your account and create a unique password. You will then need this password and your email address to sign-in on subsequent occasions.  

Follow the instructions to sign-up for the first time. 

Library catalogues

The Library has both online and printed catalogues. Records for all materials which have been added to the Library’s collections since 1950 are included in the online catalogue, Catalyst. An on-going retrospective cataloguing project means that records for a substantial proportion of works acquired before this date can also be found online. However, if material published earlier than 1950 cannot be located online, it may be listed in the printed catalogues which can be found in the Catalogue Hall.

If you are unable to find materials in either of the catalogues, please speak to a member of staff in Member Services who will endeavour to locate the item(s) for you, whether in The London Library’s collections or at another library or institution. You can also email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or telephone 0207 766 4743.

Online resources

The eLibrary consists of a growing range of major databases and online reference works, and allows access to over 2,500 electronic journal titles through JSTOR. Much of the content of these resources can now be found through searching Catalyst.

Collection guides 

As well as being a guide to the location of books within the Library, the collection guides place the collection in an historical context and provide links to external websites where such exist. Printed copies are freely available in the Issue Hall, but online versions may be found here.