London Library Members

The London Library is one of the UK’s greatest literary institutions, providing a centre of creativity, inspiration and ideas for 180 years. From its foundation, the Library has been associated with many of the most prominent writers and thinkers of the day.

Well-known members and frequent borrowers have included Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Bram Stoker, Virginia Woolf, Angela Carter, Daphne du Maurier, Stanley Kubrick and Ian Fleming.

Current writers in membership include Kazuo Ishiguro, Raymond Antrobus, Simon Schama, Jessie Burton and Sarah Waters. The Library is also championed by its President and member of over 30 years, Helena Bonham Carter CBE.

These famous names are part of a much wider community of 7,500 members who find the Library’s resources invaluable. Our members come from all ages and backgrounds and membership is open to everyone. On a daily basis, members of the public, authors, academics, students, researchers and people from a host of professional backgrounds share our facilities and their love of learning, creating a unique cultural institution in the heart of London. 

What makes the London Library so special?

Join members including author and screenwriter Daisy Goodwin, poet and playwright Inua Ellams and screenwriter Max Gill as they share their perspectives on the invaluable benefits of London Library membership.

Explore their insights into how the Library's extensive collection enriches their research, writing, and creative process.

The London Library is at the heart of Literature

At our 175th anniversary celebrations in St. James's Square, we had the opportunity to catch up with 10 esteemed writers, actors - and London Library members. They shared their thoughts on the enchantment of books and what they love about The London Library.