Those of you who enter the Library via our Mason's Yard entrance will have seen the bumper crop of books on display in the window over the last year. The window regularly features books that have been written by London Library members and is a great way for us to demonstrate the wide variety of work being produced on site.

Currently on display is:

Stephen Hoare, Palaces of Power
William Dalrymple, Anarchy
Jessica Douglas-Home, William Simmonds
Duncan Hamilton, Great romantic
Thomas Grant, Court Number One
Lucasta Miller, L. E. L.
Andrew Lownie, The Mountbattens
Anne de Courcy, Chanel's Riviera
Charles More, From Arromanches to the Elbe
Richard Dove, Uneven Song
James Bartos, Geometry of Beauty
Robert Harris, Second Sleep
Patrick Bishop, Man who was Saturday
D J Taylor, Lost Girls
A N Wilson, Prince Albert
Jack Straw, English Job
Sara Wheeler, Mud and Stars
Max Hastings, Chastise
Daisy Dunn, In the Shadow of Vesuvius
Harriet Evans, Garden of Lost and Found
Victoria Hislop, Those who are Loved
Susan Ronald, Conde Nast
Philippa Gregory, Tidelands
Dan Jones, Crusaders