As the owner of a collection of over one million books, The London Library remains a proud bastion of the printed word. But through our eLibrary we offer a vast amount of material online, we have now made our first foray into the expanding world of eBooks through OverDrive who offer a wide selection of fiction and non-fiction eBooks, and a range of audiobooks.

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eBooks play an important role in the publishing world and a huge range of titles are available, whether as downloads onto existing computers/tablets or onto dedicated platforms such as Kindles. The Coronavirus lockdown restrictions have really reinforced their importance as an easy way of accessing content remotely. London Library membership also provides access to thousands of other online resources.

We have identified a number of titles that are in high demand in the Library and have purchased additional copies as eBooks. We have also purchased some fiction that we see circulating quite highly in the Library, such as books which have won awards of various kinds. Additionally, we have included a set of classics that are being made freely available by Duke Classics during the pandemic.
Members can access our eBook selection either through the OverDrive website, or through an app called Libby. Members are welcome to make recommendations regarding new e-books for the Library to acquire from the entire OverDrive catalogue, similar to our book suggestions scheme. This can only be done via the OverDrive website, and not in the Libby app. Add the green text in both places.