The 56th issue of The London Library Magazine lands with members this week!

In our Autumn issue, we are delighted to have playwright, translator, film director and long-time Library member Christopher Hampton for our cover feature. Christopher speaks to us about his experiences of translating classics, writing some of his most recognisable adaptations, including Dangerous Liaisons, and discovering the Library’s German collection.

Elsewhere in this issue, author Selina Mills talks to us about her new memoir Life Unseen and her love for the Library. Poet Will Harris talks about his experiences of writing poetry alongside working in palliative care and his fondness for the Science & Miscellaneous collection. Kassia St. Clair recounts her quest to discover the Library’s ‘loneliest books.’ And John O’Farrell, Victoria Hislop, and Royston Vince share their anecdotes of serendipitous discoveries in the stacks.