Retrospective Cataloguing Project


During the first phase of the project, from 1999 to 2006, the card catalogue containing details of all the publications acquired by the Library between 1950 and 1984 was transferred to the online catalogue. Now in its second phase, the project is tackling the conversion of the printed catalogue, which lists twelve decades' worth of Library acquisitions from its foundation in 1841 to 1950.

Progress so far: Around 40% of the titles (and 35% of the volumes) listed in the printed catalogue are fully catalogued as at 1 January 2014. This means that 72% of the ca. 700,000 titles and 66% of the ca. 1,030,000 volumes in our collections can now be found on the online catalogue.

Progress by subject: click here to download a list of shelfmarks already converted and those currently being worked on.

Estimated completion date: At the current rate we hope to complete the project in 2023.

Help us accelerate the project: You can support the project either by making a general donation or by contributing to the cataloguing of a specific collection of books.

If you have an interest in a particular author or subject, we can estimate the time and expense required to catalogue all the relevant books. For example:

- all titles by and about Goethe would cost £1,700 and take 18 days

- all titles on the nature of genius would cost £112 and take 1 day

- all titles on architecture would cost £2,250 and take 25 days

For more information about making a donation please contact the Development team on 020 7766 4719 or email or click here to download a donation form.


For further details please contact the Development team:


020 7766 4719