New Year, New Books!

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Rhiannon, our busy Acquisitions Assistant, kicks off 2012 with an update on all the lovely new books crossing her desk on their way to the stacks.

I’m also spending what seems like a vast amount of time tracking and chasing un-received books, the majority of which have had their publication dates changed. Some of these are now due in 2013, though one I have come across has had its publication date changed from 2009 to 2021! We won’t be holding our breath for that one, then.

As we’ve just celebrated the 200th birthday of founding Library member Charles Dickens, we have purchased “Charles Dickens and the blacking factory” by Michael Allen, as well as a second copy of Claire Tomalin’s hugely popular biography, “Charles Dickens: a life.” The Tomalin currently has 12 members waiting to borrow it, so a second copy will help ensure their wait is a little bit shorter.

With Dickens in mind, I have kept an eye on the fiction that the Library has been ordering recently, of which there seems to be quite a bit. Those that have either arrived of late or are on order include:

“The Art of Fielding” Harbach, Chad (a debut novel)
“Landfall” Gordon, Helen
“In the Orchard, the Swallows” Hobbs, Peter
“An Honourable Man” Slavo, Gillian
“Parallel Stories” Nadas, Peter
“It’s Fine by Me” Petterson, Per
“Jack Holmes and his friend” White, Edmund
“The Afrika Reich” Saville, Guy
“Married Love” Hadley, Tessa
“The Third Reich” Bolano, Roberto
“Pure” Miller, Andrew (winner of the Costa Prize)
“Mountains of the Moon” Kay, I. J
“Pacazo” Kesey, Roy
“All is Song” Harvey, Samantha

Plenty of fresh and exciting reading to keep fiction fans occupied until my next update! And now, back to dealing with yet another parcel of wonderful new books…

Now that the Christmas and New Year break are firmly behind us, here in Acquisitions we have pretty much caught up with all of our book ordering. This means I’m drowning in piles of new books on an almost daily basis, all wanting to go out on the New Books shelves and be borrowed by keen Libary members.