A national treasure spills the beans on one of Britain’s best-kept secrets…

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When we started The London Library blog, we had in mind the idea of asking some of our members and supporters to act as ‘guest bloggers’ from time to time, giving their thoughts and insights on all things London Library. But who would be our first special guest?

Never was the adage ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’ more apt than when applied to Stephen Fry. Novelist, journalist, actor, director, television presenter, technology buff, comedian – or, as he chose to describe his occupation on his London Library application form in 1993, ‘Writer/Actor/Nuisance’ – Stephen must be one of the busiest men in Britain. He is also a true London Library devotee, and when asked to find time in his hectic schedule for a spot of extra blog writing, he agreed with typical alacrity and kindness.

Nuisance? Never.

The resulting blog is classic Fry: a discursive journey through why he loves London, why the area around St James’s Square is so fascinating and charming, and why The London Library is such a glorious London secret.  He sums the Library up beautifully when he says that ‘what gyms can do for your body, this magical place can do for your mind.’

We may be a secret now, but we want everyone to know about The London Library and to think about becoming a member. Stephen has not only blown our cover in the loveliest possible way, he has posted the entire piece on his website where his many fans and followers can read all about us.

He is a hard act to follow, but we look forward to bringing you more guest bloggers very soon.

In the meantime: enjoy reading this brilliant first instalment, and thank you so very much, Mr Fry. We’ll see you in the book stacks again soon!