Support The London Library conservation team and adopt a rare book

Since the Library's founding in 1841, millions of books have lived on our shelves, with over 97% of the collection open access. However, 3% of our collection is unable to be viewed or borrowed by members because of deterioation. 

Due to financial restrictions on the Library, many volumes are unable to be conserved. But you can help.

As well as adopting a new book or favourite book, we now offer members and non-members the chance to donate directly to the conservation of some of our rarest books. Or if you prefer to donate more generally to the conservation team, either via a singular donation or regular giving, you can always contact the Development team directly on 020 7766 4795 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Adopt a rare book

Please see some of our books in desperate need of conservation below. By adopting a rare book, you are helping us make rare volumes available again to members and for generations to come. In addition, to acknowledge and thank you for your adoption, a named book plate of your choosing will be added to the book once it has been conserved.