175th Anniversary Appeal

2016 is a momentous year for The London Library. Now the world’s largest independent lending library, it opened 175 years ago with a few thousand books in a rented room. That it has come so far is testament to its unique combination of resources and the passion and commitment of generations of members, staff and trustees.

In recognition of this milestone we have launched a special appeal, to enable Library supporters to mark the anniversary and help maintain our most fundamental activities. From developing the collection with new acquisitions, providing the means to explore it through Catalyst and by converting old records, to caring for our books and developing and enabling access – all these things are vitally important in making sure our resources can be used to their fullest.

For 175 years the Library has supported reading, writing and research. It has done this as an entirely independent institution, funded by membership fees and donations from members and other supporters. As well as commemorating the 175th anniversary, any donation you make will help us continue this mission.

We recognise that for many people their membership fee already serves as their support of the Library, and we very much appreciate everyone who contributes in this way. All membership fees go towards the Library’s operating costs, but at present only provide three quarters of the funds needed to maintain the resources so highly prized by everyone.

Every donation to the Appeal is gratefully received no matter the size. In recognition of the anniversary, all those who make a donation of £175 or more will be listed in a special ‘Roll of Honour’ at the end of the year.

To make a donation please use the online donation form, or call us on 020 7766 4795. The London Library is a registered charity (no. 312175), so all donations are eligible for Gift Aid.


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