Supported Memberships

While The London Library prides itself on welcoming all lovers of books and ideas, we recognise that the full membership fee is beyond the means of some would-be members, particularly in these difficult times.

We are determined to ensure that the Library's resources remain affordable to those of limited means by providing assistance to a wide range of applicants through the Carlyle Membership scheme.

Carlyle Memberships

Carlyle Membership is available to applicants who may be pursuing a course of study, undertaking research, writing a book, or simply needing the Library’s resources for other reasons compatible with our aim of advancing education, learning and knowledge.

Carlyle Membership of the Library is open to all and assistance, in the form of a subsidy, will normally cover 30%, or in exceptional cases 60%, of the full annual subscription. Recipients may receive up to three years’ assistance, reviewed annually.Without your help we are able to fund only a limited number of Carlyle Memberships.

Young Person's Memberships

For applicants aged 16 to 24, membership of The London Library is available at a reduced rate of £238. The membership fee can be spread across affordable monthly payments of £19.83

Extended memberships of up to nine years' duration are also available at the reduced rate.

Donate to the Supported Memberships Fund

Without your help we are able to fund only a limited number of Carlyle Memberships.

By donating you can help others gain access to the Library’s wealth of information and inspiration, further enriching our community of readers, writers and thinkers.

You can donate any amount online or for further information or to discuss your donation please contact us on 020 7766 4719 or email

For more information about Supported Memberships at The London Library please contact us on 020 7766 4720 or email


You can donate to The London Library Supported Membership Fund online.