The Future

21st Century Capital Campaign

The capital campaign is an ambitious project of four distinct construction phases. In 2004 we acquired a building to secure much-needed additional space for members and our collections; Phases 1 and 2 remodelled and integrated this building with the existing Library site. The first two phases were completed to great acclaim from staff, members and the international architectural community, with Phase 2 winning two awards for architecture in 2011.  

The refurbishment of the Reading Floor (Phase 3A) was completed in summer 2013, and in 2014 the Library won RIBA London and National Awards for the architectural excellence of it designs by RIBA London Architect of the year Haworth Tompkins. RIBA also shortlisted the Library as one of four projects for the RIBA London English Heritage Award for Preserving the Historic Environment.

We are now working on the plans to achieve the final phases of our plans.  We hope that partners and supporters will have the opportunity to help the Library fulfil its ambitions, enabling it to continue to play a leading role in the literary and intellectual life of the nation, and to remain true to its founding vision of sharing the riches of a national library with members in their own homes, and for the wider public to access via the Inter-library Loan scheme and digitisation.  

Partners and sponsors now have the opportunity to help support the Library, enabling it to continue to play a leading role in the literary and intellectual life of the nation and remain true to its founding vision to provide access to the riches of a national library for members to enjoy in their own homes.

For further information about the ways you can help support the next phases of development, please contact the Development Team on 020 7766 4704 or email 

Securing our future

Hear the Library's President Sir Tom Stoppard and Librarian Inez Lynn talk about the Library's future plans and Phases 3 & 4.

Produced by Sketch for The London Library

Director: Jeremy Riggall

Phases 1 and 2

Phase 1: In June 2004 the Library purchased a building contiguous with its famous St James's Square premises, allowing the Trustees to commission award-winning architects Haworth Tompkins to create a site-wide masterplan for the whole Library.

Phase 2: Completed in June 2010, Phase 2 works provide 42 new reader spaces, 1.25km of new shelving, new designated rooms for the Art Collection, Times Collection and Periodicals & Societies Collection, improved circulation with new lift and stairs, remodelling of the main Issue Hall and a new members entrance from Mason's Yard.

Haworth Tompkins
Haworth Tompkins

The masterplan for the building project has been led by distinguished architects Haworth Tompkins. Phases 1 and 2 have already attracted much architectural praise. In April 2011 Phase 2 was awarded an American Institute of Architecture Award for Excellence and a New London Architecture Award in July 2011. In 2014 the Library won RIBA Regional and National Awards for the first completed stage of the project. Haworth Tompkins were named RIBA London Architect of the Year 2014.


Bespoke fixtures: developed to meet the practical requirements of Library users, The Gravity Workshop's VéVé reading lights grace the desks in The Sackler Study, Lightwell, Art and Times Rooms. Available in a variety of configurations and finishes, the lights can be purchased online.


Martin Creed: As a unique venture, Haworth Tompkins collaborated with Turner Prize winning artist Martin Creed, to develop a conceptual framework for the project, which also resulted in a bold, site-specific commission for the new WCs within T.S. Eliot House.